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Sporty Abelstedt A pieces

Subtle elegance with a large attraction of attention. The Abelstedt A Collection is destined to enchant every sporty woman.

Abelstedt A pieces are a composition of feminine and clean lines marked with the Abelstedt A letter.

Stacking necklaces are always a hit on the tennis court, but choose the silver necklaces if you are a sporty girl, as the gold plated pieces are not good during sports due to the plating. I will also recommend going for silver pieces when you choose bracelets and especially rings. Earrings are not as exposed, to sweat and wear so gold earrings would not be a problem. Make sure that the lengths are different so you can stack your necklaces.

Luckily, you can adjust a lot of your Abelstedt necklaces, and if they aren’t long enough, you can always get an extra extender if you wanna go for that deep, sexy V-necklace look. I am often wearing a bigger necklace as the lowest part and one of our petite necklaces as the upper part.

I hope all of you girls got to be inspired!

Lots of love,

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